The Grace United Methodist Church Youth Group is a place where youth can come to learn about the bible, ask questions, say what is on their minds, and not be judged. They say what is on their minds because we encourage and develop an atmosphere of trust and friendship. The youth learn how to be the hands and feet of Christ by doing several events throughout the year such as mission trip, fall festival, and helping at vacation bible school.

We are a welcoming group and love meeting new friends .

Sunday Night Youth

Sunday Night Youth from 5-7 is a snack supper, games and discussion time. There will also be service projects, worship and just pure fun nights as well. For junior high (6-8 grades) and senior high (9-12 grades). If you are interested in providing food,  helping with their worship time, or want to volunteer in any capacity please contact Doreen Vasseur, Carla Stamper, Doug Vaughn, or any of the other adults you see helping the youth.

Wednesday Night Youth  
The middle of the week is a great time for a “pick-me-up.”  This time is devoted to small group bible studies that allow our youth to dig deeper into their faith and apply that learning to their everyday lives. The youth always welcome guests and invite anyone who is interested to come and participate. 

Mission Trip
For many, the youth mission trip is the highlight of the year.  Every year the youth from Grace United Methodist Church pack into vans and head out of town for a mission experience. This year the youth headed to Shreveport, Louisiana and Hico, Texas to do some much needed work. Please click the calendar tab for dates. 


Fundraisers and Activities
The youth group at Grace United Methodist is always active and moving.  There is always another event, service project, or fundraiser going on.  To stay up-to-date on the youth happenings join the youth group’s (facebook page) and receive emails from the youth secretary.  You can request to be on the email list (email).